Mixed Netball

Mixed men’s and women’s indoor netball runs every Thursday night. Bring your wife, bring your hubby, bring your friends and family and have a blast in our weekly social competition. We have multiple divisions covering all skill levels, meaning you’re guaranteed to find the league that’s perfect for you!

Register a team today and start as soon as the following game week


RegistrationsRegistrations Open
Game Fees$84 per game
Payable at netball counter on game night.
Game Duration40 minute timeslot


– All players full name, phone number and email must be registered on the team list.
– All teams must nominate an organiser who will become the single focal point for the Centre to relay relevant information.
– Jewellery, watches, bracelets and other loose accessories must be removed or taped to the satisfaction of the Referee prior to the start of a game.
– Players must have played a minimum of 3 games to be eligible for the finals.

Consult the duty coordinator or refer to the Bouncer Sports Centre By-Laws