Ladies Morning Netball

Our social morning netball leagues are very popular with mums and people who want to play netball but have commitments in the evenings. We run a 100% free creche service on game days that run until 12pm, meaning you can enjoy your game while the kids are taken care of by our experienced creche staff. 

We accept registrations at any time. Simply register your interest today and join us as early as the next game week.


RegistrationsRegistrations Open
Game Fees

$63 Monday
$77 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Split payments accepted  

Game Duration40 minute time slot. 4 quarters


– All players full name, phone number and email must be registered on the team list.
– All teams must nominate an organiser who will become the single focal point for the Centre to relay relevant information.
– Jewellery, watches, bracelets and other loose accessories must be removed or taped to the satisfaction of the Referee prior to the start of a game.
– Players must have played a minimum of 3 games to be eligible for the finals.

Consult the duty coordinator or refer to the Bouncer Sports Centre By-Laws