Catering for All Ages and Skill Levels

Here at Bouncers, we run our Soccer competitions to cater for boys, girls, men, women, young and old, talented and not so talented.


Competition runs Monday to Thursday, with the first game kicking off at 6pm & the last game 9:40pm . Each night has the teams graded into divisions to suit the varying skill levels. We even have an over 35s league on a Wednesday night for the more “experienced” players.


We have a competitive Thursday night Ladies competition that is played with great skill and spirit. We also have a less competitive Tuesday morning Ladies Soccer for any Ladies looking to play some soccer without the competitiveness of our Thursday night League. If you are wanting to join our Tuesday morning Ladies soccer please contact the centre.


As the population grows, so too does our Junior Soccer competition. 


We are run our winter competition with our junior teams competing in school yrs 3/4, yrs 5/6, yrs 7/8 and yrs 9/10 on a Friday afternoon between 4.00pm and 8.30pm.


We run our sring/summer competition with our junior teams competing in U7's, U8's, U9's, U10's, U11's, U12's, U13's, U14's, U15's, U16's, U17's, U18's on a Friday afternoon between 4pm to 9pm


The Saturday competition ONLY runs over the SPRING/SUMMER


Age groups U10's, U12's, U14's and U16's


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Senior Soccer



Started March 2nd 2020

Semi Finals week starting Aug 31st 2020

Grand Finals week starting Sep 7th 2020


Week commencing September 7th 2020