Junior Cricket

Junior Cricket Season is Here!



The NEW SEASON starts on Saturday April 24th and runs through to September 25th 2020, including 3 weeks of finals.


This year we are going with School Years!. All team players must be in the same school year. 

You can register as a team or an individual.

To register a new team click here and follow the prompts.

To re-register an existing team log into your teams profile and follow the prompts.

To register an individual click here to download form fill in with payment and send back to us.

Basic Information

  • Teams are to provide their own uniforms, all uniforms are to be the same colour.
  • Teams to provide their own coaches and team managers.
  • Bouncer will provide umpire and equipment, you may use your own equipment if you like.
  • Cost for season $1760 per team & $220 individual.  Discount is only available if all team members pay before the first round. Otherwise full team fee applies to all team members.
  • Fees are to be paid at the start of the season.
  • If a team forfeits at anytime during the season, you will be charged your game fee plus a $35.00 fine


  • All age groups will play finals.  
  • Top 4 in each division will play finals.  
  • All other teams will play normal games to the end of the season

Game Times

Times listed below are an INDICATION ONLY as it depends on how many teams register for each division.


  • Junior Blaster 8.00am
  • Year 6 (10/U 8.00am, 9.10am)
  • Year 7 & 8 (12/U 9.10am, 10.20am, 11.30am)
  • Year 9  (14/U 11.30am, 12.40pm, 1.50pm)
  • Year 10 ( 16/U 12.40pm, 1.50pm, 3.00pm, 4.10pm)
  • Colts (17,18,19) 3.00pm, 4.10pm

These times are a general guide only
Finals Format:

  • Finals will be played over 3 weeks, beginning with the semis, then prelims, followed by the grand final.
  • Teams 1 & 2 with play off with the winner going straight into the grand final, with the looser playing the prelim.
  • Teams 3 & 4 play off with the winner playing in the prelim and the looser takes no further part in the finals.
  • Winner of prelim goes into the grandfinal.

Rules of the Game

Master Blasters

Master Blasters is a great after school program that is super fun, social, safe, cricket program for boys and girls aged between 7 - 10 years.

The program is designed for kids who have the basic knowledge of cricket skills.  We work on basic skill drills and play modified games.  All session times run for 60 minutes with all modified equipment provided including rubber balls.  

Everyone gets a chance to bat, bowl and field with great music playing in the back ground.

 Click for Rules

 click for registration 


JULY 28th 


Master Blaster Tuesday July 28th to September 15th from 4pm-5pm





Junior Cricket Finals


Information/Registration Day

March 14th from 9am to 1pm.

Season Starts March 28th 2020

Season Ends September 19th 2020

Semi Finals September 5th 2020

Prelim Finals September 12th 2020

Grand Finals September 19th 2020


11th, 18th and 25th of April 2020

11th of July 2020