Senior Cricket

There are many sports that are played indoors.  Indoor cricket has become one of the top sports being played indoors, since it began in the late 70's with the support of Cricket Australia.  With over 200,000 participants Australia wide. Each game a player gets to bat and bowl the same number of overs as their team mates, which ensures all players to be involved in the game.

At Bouncer Sports Centre we run an 8 aside competition for the senior, on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday nights and 6 aside on Tuesday night.  All nights have structured divisions to suit all players.  The first game of the night commences at 6pm followed by 7.10, 8.20 and 9.30 timeslots.

We currently setting up Monday ladies 6 aside 10 week competion, starting May 6th 2019.

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Bouncer also runs one of the largest Junior competition on Saturday catering for all age groups. For more information go to Junior sports.

Basic Information

  • The cricket season approximately runs for 24 weeks, then 2 weeks of finals will be played.
  • Game fees are $128 per team per match, even if a team has less than the required number of players -  Fees must be paid prior to the game commencing.
  • If you choose to pay for the entire 24 weeks at the start of the season instead of each week, Bouncers will give you a 5% discount on the total season fees.  This will releave the stress of collecting money each week.
  • Bouncers Sports do not charge a nomination fee.
  • If you choose to forfeit a match at anytime a $256 fee will apply, to pay the following week.
  • Uniforms, all players in a team must play in the same coloured shirt, all teams must adhere to this by round 3 of the season.  Failure to do so will result in a 5 run penalty for each player out of uniform.


Finals are played in all divisions. Top 4 in each division will play in finals.  If there is 8 teams in a division finals will be split into 2 groups top 4 and bottom 4.

Format for finals:

  •     Finals are played over 2 weeks, semi finals and prelim finals are played on the same night and the grand final will be played the following week.
  •     Teams 1 and 2 will play off, winner advancing straight into the grand final and looser playing in the prelim final.
  •     Teams 3 and 4 will play off , winner advancing to the prelim final and the looser taking no further part in the finals.
  •     Winner of prelim final advances to grand final.
  •     Same format applies for the bottom 4.

Cricket Final Dates

Night Time

  • New Season Starts March 17th 2018.
  • Last round week commencing Aug 19th 2019
  • Semi week commencing Aug 26th 2019
  • Prelim week commencing Sep 2nd 2019
  • Grand Final week commencing Sep 9th 2019

New season Starts September 9th 2019.


Junior Cricket

Our Junior cricket season starts April 30th 2019

Registration/Information Day is on March 16th & 23th 2019 from 9am-1.30pm. 

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